David Bowie: Father Of The Sleng Teng Riddim

12 01 2016

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So come on, come on, we’ve really got a good thing going
Well come on, well come on if you think we’re gonna make it
You better hang on to yourself
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Axis Chemicals


David Bowie has died, and the Internet is awash with praise for the man and his music, and rightfully so. Bowie cast a shadow over late 20th century music and pop culture so large, that’s hard to put it properly in perspective.  Of course, there are one or two wingnuts and sourpusses that want to transgressively call the man’s status into question or say his music wasn’t that good anyway.

Since arguing with trolls is a surefire waste of time, I won’t bother to make some laundry list of the man’s accomplishments. Instead I’ll just use one small example as a way to show the extent of his influence on 20th century music.

For fans of Jamaican music, the song « Under Mi Sleng Teng » by Wayne Smith, which came out in 1985, was a line in the sand: the end of the roots reggae era and the beginning of the…

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